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Connect your mind, body & soul

Join me on my retreats to feel connected with your inner self, and get some time away to relax and recharge. We had two epic adventures in Mexico and the south of France before the pandemic. There will be another retreat in Fall 2023 in Turkey. Stay tuned for more details!

Tulum - Mexico

Past Reset Retreat – Tulum

A 5-night Retreat from November 4-9, 2020, that’s intended to kickstart your metabolism to give you more energy, help burn more calories at rest, aid in digestion and promote proper hormone and neurotransmitter production. Look forward to calorie burning mornings and meditative afternoons set in the beautiful town of Tulum. We love the idea of doing this reset right before the holidays start and winter sets in.

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Past Yoga Retreat — South of France

A 4-night Yoga Retreat based in the hills and valleys of southern France, from July 2-6. Surrounded by provincial towns, beaches, and vineyards, you’ll feel fully relaxed and immersed in French culture.

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