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Mobilization Nation

Youth goes beyond an outward appearance, it’s how you’re feeling inside in your body. It’s how your mind is working, it’s how your body is moving. With this series of videos, I want to focus on flexibility, strengthening, and endurance to help tone the muscles, soft tissues and nervous system.

Join me on YouTube, where I hope to foster discussion, connection and a community where we can move together and keep ourselves young from the inside out.

Workouts for mobility

Anti-Aging From
the Inside Out

As we grow older, our mobility gets negatively affected. This occurs from more sedentary posture working on technology and doing activities that are moving the body in one plane of motion repetitively. MN workouts target moving the joint in all of its degrees of freedom, to maintain the health of the joint, the nerves and muscles that move it.

Workouts for mobility


The soft tissues of the body are elastic and resilient in their optimal state. MN will use stretching, myofascial rolling and exercises to ensure that these tissues stay responsive, mobile and strong.


Traditional strength training focuses on the large muscle groups while ignoring the importance of smaller muscles that stabilize joints. MN will target these smaller muscles with specific movements to increase their endurance.


In MN we will strengthen the whole body from the inside out, first targeting the smaller stabilizers and moving out to prime movements with our bigger muscles. We train the body as a whole, while targeting one area at a time.

A focus for everyone

Weekly Schedule

Dividing our schedule ensures that we can give our attention to each area of the body, keeping these parts healthy and regenerated as we age.

Upper Body

Mondays at 8am PST

Lower Body

Wednesdays at 8am PST

Core Body

Fridays at 8am PST

Let's Get Moving


Meet Genieve

With over 15 years experience in the chiropractic and wellness industry, I know that anti-aging really does come from the inside out.


This practice is lifelong and the goal is internal, to feel connected to our body, mobile, strong and pain free, so we can do all of the activities we love.