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Conditioning that brings vitality

My Classes

With age, our joints and muscles are less resilient and are more susceptible to damage. My classes focus on these affected areas in order to counteract the effects of aging. With the right amount and style of conditioning, our bodies can gain back strength, flexibility and balance.

The Blueprint

Yoga, weights, cardio, ballet, core & stretching - all insync to upbeat tunes.

I created the Blueprint to holistically target anti-aging — Body, mind, and soul. In this class, I will guide you through my unique flow of yoga, weight training, cardio, ballet, core and stretching, all while synced to music. We will also go through a combination of chiropractic prescribed pre-hap exercises for the rotator cuff, back, core, and hips in order to prevent persistent pain and potential problems in these areas. With the diversity of movement, the class will fly by feeling connected to your optimal blueprint.

TurF - 2041 W 4th Ave, Vancouver
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