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Anti-Aging — Beyond the Skin

Aging goes beyond the expression marks on your skin. Your joints and muscles also start failing with age — mobility, endurance, power and balance slowly deteriorate.

With the right blend of chiropractic, conditioning and yoga, I can help your body gain back mobility, strength and balance.

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Chiropractor, Yogi, Influencer, Mother of two

Dr. Genieve Burley

I decided to try chiropractic on myself when I was in school, after many years of dealing with a chronic lung problem, migraines and headaches. The results were immediate; this is when I knew I needed to do this for others.

I am passionate about health, yoga, fitness, and nutrition. I combine my practice and research on these fields to provide comprehensive treatments that go beyond the adjustment.

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As part of my anti-aging approach, I have developed the Blueprint, a combination of conditioning exercises that target mobility, strength, endurance, power, coordination and balance.

You can join one of my classes at Turf.

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Chiropractic can be used to successfully locate problematic areas in your body and adjust them. From kids to athletes to pre-natal care, I can help you gain back mobility and vitality so that you can perform better in life.

Let's get you feeling young again!

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